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Fujian Dehua “Blanc de Chine” Stirs up Cultural Exchanges across the World

Fujian Dehua “Blanc de Chine” Stirs up Cultural Exchanges across the World

February 10
13:17 2020

Thanks to geographical advantage and advanced navigation technology, Fujian Quanzhou was the portal of the ancient Maritime Silk Road over 700 years ago and renowned as “The Largest Oriental Port” and “No.1 Port in the World on a par with the Port of Alexandria in Egypt. Just from this important port, Dehua white porcelain, as a major export commodity, was shipped widely abroad, and got so hot pursuits that it was called “Blanc de Chine” globally and Dehua was hailed as “the Hometown of Blanc de Chine and the Cradle of Porcelain Arts.” Porcelain or china with a unique charm over time and space is constantly favored and cherished by worldwide people. In this context, Dehua has paved a road toward its own tourism brand: “World Porcelain City, Wonderful DEHUA”.

In order to promote tourist information and enhance the concept of “Refreshing Fujian”, Go Home – The Best Journey, the Chinese New Year promo series, was produced by Fujian TV Tourism Channel, and jointly released by Fujian Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, Fujian Media Group and China Railway Nanchang Group. The Dehua episode discoursed a story that an emerging artist Heryreunited with her family in Dehua in the eve of Chinese New Year 2020, introducing her picturesque hometown and cultural porcelain production to globalTV viewers.

Fruitful Innovative Exploration on Porcelain

As one of the three ancient porcelain destinations, Dehua has historical porcelain culture with representatively important Blanc de Chinein the international industry, highly recognized as “the most exquisite porcelain” and “the mother of global white porcelain”, all of which are undoubtedly the most special and fantastic tourist resources. With local government’s great support, Dehua accounts for Chinese largest porcelain production and exports with over 60% of porcelain products shipped to more than 190 countries and regions, leading to the reward of National Quality Porcelain Demonstration Area. In 2019, Dehua participated in the 4th Sino-French Cultural Forum, donated Dehua porcelain relics from Taixingshipwreck to the National Museum of China, and held China Dehua Ceramics Expo & Tea Ware Culture Festival 2019 and the Blanc de Chine International Ceramic Art Award with art forums and seminars.

Culture & Tourism Integration for A New Prospect

Dehua is a world-famous porcelain capitol and an ecologically greencounty with picturesque scenery, cozy weather and a forest coverage up to 77.3%. It’s granted as “China’s Best Ecotourism County” and “Natural Oxygen Bar in China”, where Shiniu Mountain, Jiuxian Mountain, Yunlong Valley and Ceramic Culture Scenic Spot appeal to thousands of tourists. In recent years, Dehua passionately engages in exchanges and cooperation with all circles and gradually builds up into an internationally influential modern porcelain capitol so as to accelerate tourism transformation and sound development, and facilitate the public to enjoy tourist resources and achievements.

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