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Body Revival – A Herbal Revolution Occurring Currently

Body Revival – A Herbal Revolution Occurring Currently

August 19
18:12 2019

Ayurveda is no exception in a country like India. Ayurveda practices are not just limited to India, but other countries have been integrating these therapies in their livelihood for wellness and longevity.

Millions of people are benefited from the therapy of Ayurveda-the oldest existing therapeutic system. It is not only an effective way of treatment but, is also cheaper than any other form of treatment procedures. Ayurveda leads ahead in treating many health-related issues because of its easy availability, feasibility, and non-toxic therapies.

Body Revival beneficial in chronic diseases

Chronic diseases are among the most expensive and prevalent health conditions. According to (WHO) approximately 74% of the world’s population suffers from at least one chronic disease. The most common chronic diseases that people are most prone to includes- Diabetes, kidney failure, Arthritis, Cancer, Asthma, COPD.

The rate of chronic is increasing dramatically and uncontrollably. This is where Ayurveda comes into remembrance. Ayurvedic practitioners have gone into the depth of each of these chronic conditions and their treatment process or procedure. All these conditions can be treated using Ayurvedic therapies. One of the Ayurvedic medicine – Body revival liquid suspension is well-known for its tremendous health benefits in most chronic diseases.

Patients those are under regular dosage of Body Revival find themselves in a satisfactory health condition. Due to its herbal formulation, it is effective for multiple problems in the body. It gets into the roots of damaged tissues, regenerates them and improves their mechanism. Similarly, it helps in rejuvenating damaged tissues of other organs in the body. Body revival is the best detoxification agent in the field of Ayurveda.

What does Body revival comprise of?

To understand its composition and constitutes, it is important to first understand what it is exactly? And how is it helpful? Body revival is a suspension of various mixtures extracted from certain plants and herbs. Body revival is a profound medicine discovered by Inventor Mr. Munir Khan, He is the founder of the company Health Reactive. Body revival is made out of some rare and some usual species of plant and herbs extract. Most of these herbs had been into existence since the ancient period. Rumex vicarious is among the rare species of herbs that are used to make the suspension. Honey is used as a base ingredient.

Safety/Side effects

Safety in Ayurvedic treatment is the most important factor that’s to be examined before undergoing these therapies. Although Ayurvedic therapies are considered to be safest and non-toxic among the others but certain factors should be analyzed before using any plant-based treatments.

Body Revival does not have any side effects. It is clinically tested and safe to use for most of the health-related issues. It cleanses and degrades any unwanted radicle present in the body. Tissue repair and regeneration is the basic mechanism on which Body Revival works leaving no side effects on the body. It is recommended for people with serious uncured or rooted health conditions. It can be taken as per the therapist’s recommendation. Children can use it too as it also helps in boosting the immune system which makes them feel active and energetic throughout.

Body Revival Reviews


I am Mubarak Ali from Chomu which is a village near Jaipur district. I am a successful survivor of blood cancer which is considered to be an incurable disease. This was only possible due to body revival which is an ayurvedic medicine given by scientist Munir Khan. This medicine not only cures me but also kills many infectious diseases present inside my body and purify the blood. It also increases the blood-cells count as well. Thanks to them.


I, Sangeeta Saxena from Ajmer is a successful survival of cancer. I had a cyst in my stomach which later proved to be cancer. I also had an operation and underwent chemos as well which made me very weak. But by god’s grace and with the help of Brahma Kumaris I came to know about body revival, a formula given by scientist Munir Khan. Right now after the first dose of it, I felt a tremendous change in myself. I am able to do many small works and also suggest others to try and see the result on their own.


I, Dr. Ulrich G Randoll, came to know about a person called Mr. Munir Khan. I went to him and found that many patients have seen wonderful results from the things that he has found in Ayurveda. I have personally tested these things and saw the wonderful effects of the medicine body revival by Mr. Munir Khan. I am also very keen to know more about what approach he is been taking with this product.


M/S Health Reactive or the Inventor of Body Revival does not claim to cure any incurable diseases. The testimonials by the people using the product are their own. 

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