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EGGOR’s Trial Version Launches on Sept. 8, 2023

EGGOR’s Trial Version Launches on Sept. 8, 2023

September 08
21:32 2023

EGGOR, a Web3.0-based NFT Community incubation platform, is poised to launch its highly anticipated trial version on September 8, 2023. This momentous occasion marks a significant step forward in redefining the NFT landscape.

Redefining the NFT Experience

EGGOR’s mission is to foster a dynamic art metaverse by empowering artists, collectors, and users with a comprehensive range of services. These services include investment opportunities, training, brokerage services, technical support, and community management. By addressing the limitations of existing platforms and focusing on user experience, community engagement, and enhanced security, EGGOR aims to set the stage for a vibrant and sustainable NFT ecosystem.

“We’re not just launching a platform; we’re redefining the NFT experience,” stated Mr. Hikonobu Ise, CEO of EGGOR project “Our goal is to create an immersive EGGOR Art Metaverse that transcends geographical and cultural boundaries, offering unique experiences for artists, collectors, and fans.”

Key Pillars of EGGOR

As a community platform focusing on NFT technologies, EGGOR aims to empower NFT communities

and provide all-round services for the various parties involved. In this metaverse of artistic life based on

Web3.0 technology, creators, collectors, and players will be able to find the support and resources they


–        EGGOR Foundation: Venture Funding and Investment Services

EGGOR Foundation acts as a project investment incubator, with in-house scouts selecting excellent and

promising projects for investment, providing financial support for NFT projects, helping them grow

rapidly, and assisting projects to obtain the required resources from concept to realization. The traditional

art market has been oversaturated, with many talented artists undiscovered.

–        EGGOR Consultants: Art Curators and Advisory

EGGOR Consultants are agents who partner with artists to release NFTs. Currently, the NFT space lacks

tools built specifically to empower consultants, thus limiting their potential. Existing NFT minting tools

are largely designed for artists and creators to sell their NFTs directly to collectors. EGGOR reimagines

this dynamic by empowering the consultants with a suite of tools that help them to successfully operate

NFT sales on behalf of artists.

–        EGGOR Social Community Aspects

Current NFT Marketplaces do not offer enough social aspects on their platform. This leads to collectors,

artists, and traders to turn to other social media platforms (such as discord, twitter, etc.) to participate in their community. We have addressed this issue by integrating strong social features on EGGOR, allowing users to communicate directly with artists, collectors and consultants.

Unlock the Full Potential of NFT

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of EGGOR Platform’s trial version,” said Ms. Asami Sakamoto, president of Ise Art Foundation (Hong Kong). “This platform represents a significant leap forward in our journey to create a thriving NFT community. We believe that by empowering artists, collectors, and users, we can unlock the full potential of the NFT space and usher in a new era of creativity.”

The trial version of EGGOR platform is set to provide users with a first-hand experience of its groundbreaking features and services. It promises to be a game-changer in the NFT ecosystem, offering a secure, engaging, and user-friendly environment for art enthusiasts, collectors, and creators.

About EGGOR project

EGGOR is a Web3.0-based NFT Community incubation platform dedicated to fostering a dynamic art metaverse. By providing comprehensive services such as investment, training, brokerage, technical support, and community management, EGGOR empowers artists, collectors, and users to excel in the art realm. EGGOR’s focus on user experience, community engagement, and enhanced security sets the stage for a vibrant and sustainable NFT ecosystem that aims to revolutionize the way creators and collectors interact with artists, real-world artifacts, and digital assets.

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