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Japan Company Unveils an Ambitious Metaverse Project Set to Launch on May 20th

Japan Company Unveils an Ambitious Metaverse Project Set to Launch on May 20th

April 30
04:17 2022

TOKYO – April 29, 2022 – At an exclusive interview held today at Shibuya, Tokyo, Dr. Albert Mulles, President of Terra Global Salespartners, unveiled the much-anticipated Metaverse City Tokyo Project – an ambitious collaboration with Bitgert company that aims to unleash the power of Metaverse Japan to the world in the Web 3.0 era. The project concept is to build a dynamic metasociety in which individuals and communities can play an active role in a diverse ecosystem within Metaverse City Tokyo ranging from Retail, Business Services, E-sports, Virtual Real Estates, Anime Game and Movie Studio, Manga, Web 3.0 Apps, NFT Marketplace and a MetaUniversity.

$TOKYO Bitgert Token is the native currency or utility token within the Metaverse City Tokyo ecosystem. Dubbed as a super class utility token, $TOKYO Bitgert Token aims to bring together individuals and companies seeking opportunities, entertainment, leisure, social network, business or adventure in MetaTokyo.

Additionally, it is a new generation cryptocurrency built on the Bitgert blockchain that is destined to disrupt the crypto market and pave the way for a Metaverse evolution. The ecosystem will evolve along strategic financial and commercial alliances, giving a universal and long-term utility to $TOKYO Bitgert Token.

A sneak peek into their current in-development projects include the new animation Kamikaze Drone Pilots – a play-to-earn NFT Anime game that will be available on PC/iOS/Android. The storyline is set 120 years into the future after a long nuclear winter. A new breed of heroes arise from a world absent of social order – The Kamikaze Elite Squad.

According to the company’s website, the global anime market size was at US$ 22.6 billion in 2020 is predicted to be worth around US$ 48.3 billion by 2030. The company’s goal is to grab 2% to 3.5% of the market within the next 24 months through their aggressive original content production ranging from Anime NFT play-to-earn games, manga, action figures and streaming animation series.

Additionally, the Metaverse City Tokyo Project will create a variety of VR/AR experiences with its MetaTokyo Virtual Real Estates offering.

“We are coming from a highly skilled tech development team capable of evolving into the Fusion Metaverse with emphasis to value design and innovation,” said Dr. Albert Mulles, President, Terra Global Salespartners, the Japanese start-up company leading the development.

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