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Gold Shiba – The Hyper-Deflationary Super Meme coin with an aggressive ecosystem

Gold Shiba – The Hyper-Deflationary Super Meme coin with an aggressive ecosystem

January 13
00:33 2022

Gold Shiba (GOSH) is the latest crypto meme project to hit the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) but with innumerous differences amongst other meme projects. Gold Shiba is aiming to revolutionize this market segment by bringing a strong, aggressive ecosystem and Tokenomics introducing its holders to a next generation of Utility-NFTs, Metaverse Game, Holders Rewards, decentralized swap exchange and more.

Gold Shiba (GOSH) is inspired by the Shiba Inu meme movement but combines the attributes of meme tokens with actual utilities and real projects underneath. Meme tokens without a strong use case will always run the risk of fading out eventually as lot of projects already had and the creators of GOSH understood this quite early. They are creating a whole ecosystem, where the $GOSH token is going to play a very core role in utility projects being developed and for that reason, Gold Shiba, cannot be considered as a meme coin only.

The team is creating something special by combining a real project with a meme aspect that people love. It could be the bridge to mass adoption so we could expect a potentially big future for this ecosystem.

The crypto currency was launched last month on the Binance Smart Chain as just another dog-based coin, but since then the development team has worked hard to create utility and value for the token. The exponential growth of the token in the early days shows that people may have adopted Gold Shiba (GOSH) as the potential next Shiba Inu.

Gold Shiba boasts robust Tokenomics designed to reward mainly token holders who join the low cap gem on its journey to Mars. The project deploys several mechanisms to ensure that supporters of the meme coin earn lucrative passive income for holding GOSH.

The strategy of lower buying tax fees incentivizes more crypto fans to hold GOSH and promises to propel the exciting new token to Mars. The platform issues holders’ rewards that are proportionate to the GOSH tokens they own with 7% of passive incoming on every sale, putting more buying pressure on the meme-based cryptocurrency.

One of their main slogans has been interesting and instigating: “Why moon if we can take you to Mars?”, and this can make all investors wonder what they are bringing and for those that missed Shiba Inu, this may be the lifetime opportunity.

The project also gradually burns tokens, reducing the first one trillion GOSH supply. By removing tokens from circulation on every buy transaction, the protocol tightens the supply of GOSH in circulation, ensuring the coin continually grows in value. Users can watch as their cute Gold Shiba puppy increases simultaneously and automatically on the platform. Today, the market of cryptocurrencies is boosting and has become an enormous success among people who wish to invest their hard-earned money for a huge profit. So, there are several new options of cryptocurrencies also coming up for the interest of investors.

How is Gold Shiba (GOSH) Different?

Gold Shiba is different in many ways. When meme tokens are getting popular everywhere today, getting a meme token for a cryptocurrency is also a great idea. Gold Shiba has come up with this idea that makes it unique. Not just the meme token is attracting several investors, but also it is earning the trust of the community members to a huge extent.

With visions such as community-focused, dedicated management, and stealth launch, Gold Shiba is here to offer a tough challenge to some of the top names in the crypto world. It is 100% verified.

As mentioned earlier, Gold Shiba can compete with top-class cryptocurrencies in the market due to its benefits and other features. By now, GOSH is not yet listed on some of the well-known platforms, as they are going to announce their public pre-sale within the next weeks from now.

Moreover, inspired by Shibu Inu, Gold Shiba has started its journey with kickstart and is all set to go ahead and keep on rising without any bumpers. Surely, it has earlier offered enough reasons to gain community trust, and it is continuing to offer benefits to attract more investors with each passing time. Gold Shiba is a meaningful change for the meme coin area and could potentially become the next Shiba Inu.




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