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Revolutionary Invention Corrects Back Pain and Reduces Traction Time Through Natural Movement

Revolutionary Invention Corrects Back Pain and Reduces Traction Time Through Natural Movement

January 10
20:06 2022
In an interview, Dr Matthew J Brown reveals his revolutionary invention to correct back pain and reduce traction time through natural movement.

It’s a pleasure to speak with you today, Doctor. Please tell our audience who you are and what your company is?

I’m Dr. Matthew J. Brown, Founder and CEO of SpineGevity LLC. Inventor and patent holder of the Syrf Active Traction Platform.

It’s great to have you here. Tell us – what makes Syrf so unique for people who suffer from chronic lower back pain?

There is a difference between “active” traction and “passive” traction. Traditional high tech spine decompression machines are “passive” in the sense that traction force is generated by an external electric motor and applied to the patient who is “passively” resting on the platform.   The Syrf platform, however, does not use an electric motor but is self-powered by simple leg press exertion of the user which causes the platform to glide back and forth on a track. This motion generates tension on elastic bungee material which is attached between the lumbar belt and the end of the platform.  

The simple bed design of the Syrf platform allows for a wide range of angles of traction to be applied to the lumbar spine.  Passive motorized systems, by contrast, generally apply only a single vector of force during a typical office visit.  The Syrf platform provides a substantial therapeutic advantage because the source of pain is often located and embedded at multiple loci, including the intervertebral disc, the nerve roots, the vertebral endplates, longitudinal ligaments, and muscle tissue.  Also, the greater range of angles applied. combined with the repetitive stretching offered by elastic material – increases the likelihood of releasing stubborn and hard-to-reach pain-source lesions.

It sounds amazing – like a real break-through. Tell me, how did the patent come about for Syrf?  

Historically, spine traction and decompression systems have been designed utilizing electric motors, tension gauges, and computer-guided technology to generate and apply traction force. Dr. Matthew Brown realized the possibility of a more basic and simple design that might harness power generated by the user, rather than an external electric motor.  It was discovered that a relatively simple and basic design that allows the user to generate and apply the force had not yet been developed.  After a lengthy patent application process, Dr. Matthew Brown was awarded the patent.

Syrf has an interesting technology and data to support it. Tell us about the clinical trials and the data behind Syrf’s technology.

The Syrf traction platform is a tool that applies a methodology called mVAST which is an acronym for Multi-Vector Active Spine Traction.  In 2018, Dr. Matthew Brown conducted over 85 case studies in his clinical practice.  In 2019, an academic research laboratory in Houston, Texas conducted a clinical trial with 60 volunteers.  The “chronic pain” group and control group performed forward bending tests while wearing dynamic EMG sensors to measure muscle twitch patterns that occur only with chronic pain. Subjective pain surveys were also conducted.  The results indicated a statistically significant reduction in pain and marginal improvement in the forward bending group. The data indicates efficacy and safety with measurable improvement in pain signature patterns.

And, how does this stretching platform differ functionally from its competitors? 

This platform was designed using First Principles reasoning which considers what all forms of spine traction have in common:  All forms of traction produce an opposing force that is applied to the spine.  Our gliding platform simply produces an opposing force without the use of expensive electric motors, strain gauges, or computers.  Also, because our device utilizes active leg press exertion to apply the force, the patient experiences the benefits of traction in addition to the therapeutic benefits of leg press muscular strengthening exercise. Another key attribute of mVAST is that multiple angles of traction can be applied in a single office visit which increases the likelihood of neutralizing pain-source lesions that might be embedded in otherwise difficult-to-reach locations in the spine.  Another advantage using the Syrf platform involves patient apprehension.  Much of the technology in passive systems is designed to override patient nervousness and apprehension, which can result in a kind of “tug of war” between patient and machine.  Because our device is user-applied, the patient is relaxed which resolves any tendency for treatment nervousness or apprehension.

Does Syrf cost as much as your competitors? 

Because our design does not require expensive electric motors, force gauges, or computers – manufacturing is much less expensive compared to high tech machines.  The cost is about 1/10 the price of well known passive non-surgical spine decompression machines.

What does “success” mean to you, Dr Brown?

What does success mean to me? Living with peace of mind. Seeking and sharing Love, truth, liberty, and freedom. Achieving and sharing full health span potential.

How can our readers find success in their lives? What advice do you recommend?

My best advice for readers who desire to find success in their life:

1. Fill each day with pursuit of your passions

2. Learn about human nature and how to be a productive member of society. Study the great people in history

3. Take full responsibility for your situation- if you find yourself stuck or trapped – find freedom

4. What you can conceive and believe, you can achieve

5. If you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re probably right.

That’s great advice. You’ve done so much… What’s next for you, Dr Brown?

What’s next for me? I have a number of projects in the queue. There’s plenty of work to be done in product development, continued R&D, and possible franchise of our brand and methodology. There is another provisional patent that will be continued to completion. There are unlimited possibilities surrounding my passions that I am motivated to share with the world.

Thanks for being here today, Doctor. How can spinal clinicians invest in their own Syrf platform?

It was my pleasure. Please visit our website at or call 214-281-2574

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