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The Marti’s Music Kitchen Podcast Is Supporting Birch Community Services With Season 1 Cookbook Launch

The Marti’s Music Kitchen Podcast Is Supporting Birch Community Services With Season 1 Cookbook Launch

November 11
19:40 2021

PORTLAND, OR – November 11, 2021 – Following a successful second season, The Marti’s Music Kitchen Podcast announces the November 21st release date and Digital Release Party for the Marti’s Music Kitchen, Season 1 Cookbook and will donate 10% of book sale proceeds to Birch Community Services, providing food and resources to those in need.

“I’ve always dreamed of helping others in a big way, and using my new cookbook and podcast platform to support a food-related charity is the perfect combination. I’m so delighted to be partnering with Birch Community Services, which provides food resources in our community along with other critical services,” says Portland’s own Jazz Singer Marti Mendenhall. Mendenhall says that Birch Community Services (BCS) is the type of charity she loves to support and encourages others to join in with her as BCS addresses the roots of hunger and economic hardships in Oregon. Ms. Mendenhall announced today that she will donate 10% of all book sales from the November release date through New Year’s Eve.

The Digital Release Party will be a fun, high-energy, celebratory event with interviews and live music, while focusing on distributing support packages that include the physical or interactive-digital version of the cookbook along with free shipping for all party-goers. It’s a timely end-of-the-year giving project, and any donations received beyond the retail book price of $18 will have 100% of that amount donated directly to the charity. Donors will be provided a tax-deductible receipt directly from BCS.


Birch Community Services was founded in 1992 by Suzanne Birch and her late husband, Barry Birch and has been featured on NBC Nightly News in BCS was featured on the NBC Nightly News in 2014. They assist 600 families, with an average household of five, by providing a warehouse-style shopping experience that is available once per week, providing financial courses to educate about budgeting and getting out of debt and creating a community of volunteers, as each family is asked to lend their services at least once per month.


The Marti’s Music Kitchen podcast, in partnership with Oregon Music News, boasts almost 20k plays per episode and can be found on iTunes, iHeartRadio, Soundcloud and most podcast directories. Each episode features stories of the creative and human connection between the culinary and the creative arts. The Season 1 cookbook features recipes from Mark Bitterman (The Meadow, Bitterman Salt Co), award-winning Blues act, Sister Mercy, former Music Director for Liberace, Bo Ayars (Elvis, Barbara Streisand) and current tribute artist and pianist, David Saffert (Liberace and Liza Live, Oregon Ballet Theater, Portland Opera), food stylist, photographer, and blogger, Carly Jayne (Love Like Salt), Executive Chef Juan Zaragoza with musical theater stars Susannah Mars (Adventures in Artslandia, Portland Center Stage) and Merideth Kaye Clark (Wicked) and many more creative interviews.


This Season 1 cookbook is a curation of musicians, foodies and other artists in a colorful, bright pairing with their recipes, tips & tricks and innovative QR codes to the music-filled podcasts to go along with the meal. “Seeing this cookbook come to fruition is one of the most exciting adventures I’ve ever had,” says Mendenhall. The interactive digital version has live links to guest profiles, video performances and outtakes, the podcasts and other unique and favorite links.


Marti Mendenhall and co-host, Kristen Behlings (Starella Sisters, Tony Starlight) will host the online event on November 21st, 1:30 – 2:45 PM on There will be performances from some Season 1 guests, including LaRhonda Steele (Oregon Music Hall of Fame Blues singer), Arietta Ward (First Daughter of Funk), The Colin Trio, John Dover (Johnny Scotch Novels, Bach Trumpets), Chasing Ebenezer and Marti Mendenhall singing one of her original Jazz ballads. Interviews will include Tom D’Antoni (Oregon Music News, Oregon ArtBeat (OPB), Coffeeshop Conversations) and Suzanne Birch (CEO of Birch Community Services), with many other surprises in store.


Digital attendees will have the opportunity to support Birch Community Services with different support levels and receive a copy of the digital or physical Season One Cookbook.

INVITATION TO PRESS: All media are welcome to the Digital Release Party. Marti Mendenhall is available to schedule interviews, appearances, and guest spots on all networks, radio, publications, podcasts, and blogs.

For interviews and sponsorship opportunities: [email protected].

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