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India’s Only NBHWC Approved Health & Wellness Coach Certification

India’s Only NBHWC Approved Health & Wellness Coach Certification

September 14
13:40 2021

India’s leading Health & Wellness Coaching Company, Wellness Jiva Private Limited’s (Weljii) flagship “Health & Wellness Coach Program,” has been approved by the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching (NBHWC), the highest-level professional authority committed to establishing professional standards for health coaching.

Weljii’s Health & Wellness Coaching Certification is a six-month program based on international coaching standards. Weljii has created the space for health coaching in India by building awareness about impact of lifestyle diseases and the urgent need to tackle them. In doing so, Weljii has also opened career opportunities for individuals with an aptitude for coaching and inclination towards health & wellness. Now, with India’s only NBHWC approved health & wellness coaching program, Weljii is offering the skills, expertise, and qualifications, needed to excel as a health coach.

The NBHWC approved health & wellness coaching program is mentored by a faculty of national and international repute. Furthermore, the certification is highly sought after by existing and future health & wellness coaches who wish to be trained as per international standards and practice globally.

Speaking about Weljii, Leigh-Ann Webster, Executive Director of the NBHWC says:

“Weljii has had a remarkable journey in India, we are excited that Weljii is opening the path for health & wellness coaching in the country India. We believe in Preeti Rao and her vision for global health & wellness. Supported by national and international faculty, Weljii programs can play a vital role in training a new generation of health & wellness coaches. In the long run, we hope that Weljii trained health & wellness coaches will help improve the lives of millions of Indians impacted by lifestyle diseases.”

Weljii’s Health & Wellness Coaching Certification program is supported by a panel of international health & wellness experts and coaches. The program offers easy online access to study material, guest lectures, and online tools you will need for successful health coach certification.

In the words of Ms. Preeti Rao, Founder, and CEO of Weljii:

“At Weljii we stand committed to creating world class health & wellness coaches who are instrumental in reducing the burden of chronic lifestyle diseases, improving patient engagement and offering personalized holistic health & wellness services that foster improved health outcomes and overall wellbeing. We put our coaches through significant academic rigor and focus on practical skills training to enable coaching for today’s real-world problems with a client centric whole person approach that covers not only physical but also emotional, social, and spiritual wellbeing.”

As India has become the fastest-growing major economy in the world, the country’s urban population has also multiplied. Significant lifestyle changes brought by this rapid urbanization have resulted in physical and mental health conditions. The already burdened healthcare infrastructure has failed to offer the requisite preventive care for millions of people affected by these lifestyle diseases. The main goal of a health & wellness coach is to bring positive behavioural, habitual, nutritional, and other changes in the lives of their clients, assess and address their health concerns, and encourage them to make lifestyle changes to promote their overall health and wellbeing.

In recent years, the field of health & wellness coaching has witnessed faster than average growth. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, increased health consciousness has accelerated the demand for wellness products and services. According to a report, the global wellness market is more than $1.5 trillion, with 5 to 10 percent annual growth. So, individual coaches or consultants should remain high in demand to address the changing and evolving health priorities of the masses.

The scope of career growth in health & wellness coaching is very bright, given how the pandemic has redefined an ordinary person’s definition of health and wellbeing. People now realize that taking care of their health is more important than ever before. Living in a time when stressing news is commonplace, they are moving beyond physical fitness and into the realms of holistic wellness.

Weljii understands the importance of physical, emotional, psychological, social, and spiritual dimensions of health. Every “Health & Wellness Coach Program” attendee is educated with core competencies that help improve the quality of life for their prospective clients. Learn more about the industry-leading health & wellness program here.

About Weljii:

Weljii offers health & wellness coaching programs and services to aspiring individuals, professionals, and organizations looking for sustainable life and work practices. Our programs focus on lasting habit change through preventive health and proactive wellness measures. Our health and wellness coach certification and training programs adhere to international standards and give you a chance to become globally certified health & wellness coaches.

Weljii has been founded by Preeti Rao, an internationally renowned wellness coach and expert, and recipient of the ASSOCHAM Outstanding Young Women Entrepreneur Award.

About NBHWC:

The National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching (NBHWC) is overseen by a board of directors and supported by committees composed of volunteers and staff members who seek to advance the profession of health & wellness coaching.

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